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Your Gateway to Vietnam's Largest Real Estate Leadership Community!

VnTPA President Summit (VPS) is Vietnam's Leading Platform for Meeting Leading Real Estate Developers, Investors, Bankers, Financiers, Government Leaders since 2007.


Our Story

Since 2007, with our connection and promotion events, thousands of projects and deals have been successfully invested with a value of billions of USD.

Vietnam at a Glance 2023

  • GDP: 430 billion USD.

  • Average annual GDP growth rate: 7%

  • Population: 100.3 million

  • Total exports and imports: 683 billion USD, down 6.6% compared to 2022 (732.5 bn); exports: 355.5 bn; imports: 327.5 bn.

  • Total registered foreign direct investments (FDI): 36.61 billion USD, an increase of 32.1% compared to 2022.

  • There is no official data on overseas investment by Vietnamese people, but it is predicted that it could exceed 20 billion USD annually for real estate, settlement, immigration, overseas study,...

Who attends VnTPA President Summit Events?

  1. Local & international investors, project owners, developers, operators, suppliers, consultants, lawyers, financial institutions, bankers, brokers.

  2. Central and provincial government leaders. Vietnam has 63 provinces. Provincial governments in Vietnam play an extremely important role in licensing investment projects and approving real estate investment transactions, M&A deals, ... Since 2007, every of our President Summit Events has had the participation of government leaders from at least 10 provinces.

VnTPA President Summits 2024

With our solid foundation in Vietnam and global network, we bring our global members unparalleled benefits:

  1. High-level Networking Events (Seminar, Conference, Golf, Tour, ...)

  2. Buy - Sale Opportunities.

  3. Referrals.

  4. Market In-depth Information.

  5. Vietnamese Central & Local Government Connections.

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