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Vietnam Green Energy Network

VnTPA Green Energy Network is a Chapter of VnTPA to help connect local and international members for investment in green energy development in Vietnam. VnTPA currently has 20,000+ members operating in the field of investment and sustainable green economic development, including tourism, real estate, new urban areas, energy,.... VnTPA (Vietnam Tourism - Property Association) is the only official national association in Vietnam operating in the industry of tourism, property and related fieds.


Vietnam's Electricity Demand

Vietnam is a rapidly developing country and sensitive to environmental changes. Our tourist areas and urban areas are developing very quickly and are in great need of green energy. Therefore, many of our members have participated in investing in new power projects.

Vietnam's electricity development goals


1/ Providing enough domestic electricity demand, meeting socio-economic development goals with an average GDP growth rate of about 7%/year in the period 2021 - 2030, about 6.5 - 7.5%/year in the period 2031 - 2050:

  • Commercial electricity: About 335.0 billion kWh in 2025; by 2030, about 505.2 billion kWh; By 2050, it will be about 1,114.1 - 1,254.6 billion kWh.

  • Electricity production and import: About 378.3 billion kWh in 2025; by 2030, about 567.0 billion kWh; By 2050, it will be about 1,224.3 - 1,378.7 billion kWh.

  • Maximum capacity: About 59,318 MW in 2025; by 2030, about 90,512 MW; by 2050 about 185,187 - 208,555 MW.

By the end of 2022, the total power capacity of the entire system of Vietnam reached about 77,800 MW, an increase of ~1,400 MW compared to 2021. However, the proportion of installed capacity of EVN and GENCOs under EVN is only 29,901 MW - accounting for 38.4% of the total system capacity. Of which, the total capacity of renewable energy sources (wind power, solar power) is 20,165 MW - accounting for 26.4%, coal thermal power is 25,312 MW - accounting for 32.5%, thermal power is gas 7,160 MW - accounting for 9.2%, hydropower (including small hydropower) is 22,544 MW - accounting for 29.0%.

2/ Strongly develop renewable energy sources for electricity production, reaching a rate of about 30.9 - 39.2% by 2030, aiming for a renewable energy rate of 47% with the conditions of commitments under The political declaration establishing the Fair Energy Transition Partnership (JETP) with Vietnam was fully and practically implemented by international partners. Orientation to 2050, the proportion of renewable energy will reach 67.5 - 71.5%.

3/ Control greenhouse gas emissions from electricity production to about 204 - 254 million tons in 2030 and about 27 - 31 million tons in 2050. Aim to reach peak emissions of no more than 170 million tons in 2030 with the condition that Ensure that commitments under JETP are fully and substantially implemented by international partners.

4/ Building a smart power grid system capable of integrating and safely and effectively operating large-scale renewable energy sources.

Who should join the green energy network?

Local & international investors, project owners, developers, operators, suppliers, consultants, lawyers, financial institutions, bankers, brokers, govt. leaders in the energy sector (including carbon credit market).

Membership Benefits 

With our solid foundation in Vietnam and global network, we bring our global members unparalleled benefits:

  1. High-level Networking Events (Seminar, Conference, Golf, Tour, ...)

  2. Buy - Sale - Investment Opportunities.

  3. Referrals.

  4. Market In-depth Information.

  5. Vietnamese Central & Local Government Connections.