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Connecting domestic and global members to invest and develop nursing home, health care, and hospital projects

VnTPA Healthcare is a Chapter of VnTPA to help connect global members with our 20,000+ local members to invest and develop nursing home, health-care projects in Vietnam. Vietnam has around 100 million people with the fastest income growth rate in the Asia Pacific region. This is a huge market for healthcare. Vietnam also has much potential to become a health care center for the elderly from other countries. VnTPA (Vietnam Tourism - Property Association) is the only official national association in Vietnam operating in the industry of tourism & property.


Our Story

An ageing population, an emerging middle and affluent class, and an increasing burden of chronic diseases reflect demographic shifts and societal changes in Vietnam relevant to the healthcare sector. These trends are driving up the demand for long-term care. Additionally, access to middle-class comforts is both fueling increasing demand for more health options and resulting in more sedentary lifestyles that will inevitably lead to greater incidences of obesity, diabetes, and other costly, chronic health conditions. Vietnam’s population has been ageing rapidly, with the proportion of the population that is 60 years and above increasing at the fastest rate (nearly 5% since 2014). This demographic trend is increasing complications associated with morbidity and mortality, especially chronic non-communicable diseases, among the higher age groups.

Nursing Home and Health-care Projects Calling for Investment